Thursday 2/18/16 - Bring Your Balance

MAIN WOD M-1: Snatch Balance + Overhead Squat Build to a Heavy Complex M-2: 3 Rounds For Time: 10 Power Snatches 115#/75# 20 One Legged Squats, alternating --TIMECAP: 10:00--

FITNESS CLASS F-1: 10:00 Working on Hollow Position:

a) Hollow Rocks

b) Hollow to superman on the pull up bars

F-2: 10:00 Working on Med Ball Cleans

a) Accumulate 40 Med Ball Cleans b) Focus on Full Extension & Speed Under the Ball

F-3: 12:00 AMRAP

Wall Balls – Start w/ 2, increase by 2 ea. round.

DU/SU – Start w/ 5, increase by 5 ea. round.

F-3: Mobility – Stretch Hip Flexors, Quads, Calves

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