ACP Week of 2/8/16

WEEKLY ACCUMULATION: 15-20 Muscle-Ups 30-40 Handstand Pushups 30-40 Chest-to-Bar Pullups 30-40 Toes-to-Bar Notes: This portion of the ACP should be completed over the course of the week. All work should be completed with perfect form, by Open standards. This work is in addition to any instances of these movements which come up in workouts.

Monday 2/8/16

3 Sets @ Easy Pace: :60 Jump Rope Singles :60 Smooth, Controlled Air Squats

Split Jerk 3-3-3, 3x3 20:00 Time Cap 4 Rounds For Time: 10 Overhead Squats, 135#//95# 20 Box Jumps or Step-Ups 24"/20" *This workout should take approximately 10:00.

Scale weight accordingly.

Drop Snatch 3-3-3, 3x3 There is no leg drive in the drop snatch. Focus on quickly moving the feet and punching under the bar. Build over the first three sets. The weight used on the third set should be repeated for the remaining three sets. Use a weight which allows you to complete all sets with good form.

Tuesday 2/9/16

20:00 to Back Squat 4RM then 2 Sets of 4@90% 4 Rounds For Time: 15 Chest-to-Bar Pullups 15 Hand Release Pushups 45 Mountain Climbers

Clean Low Liftoff + Clean High Liftoff + Clean

65%x1, 70%x1, 75%x1, 80%x1x3

Wednesday 2/10/16

Snatch Low Liftoff + Snatch High Liftoff + Snatch 65%x1, 70%x1, 75%x1, 80%x1x3 3 Rounds, Each For Time: 10 Clean & Jerks 155#/105# 30 Calorie Row Rest While Partner(s) Work Notes: Clean & Jerk: Any variant is acceptable. Scale for intensity! Each round is a sprint, lower weight as needed.

4x10 Back Extension Notes: Controlled descent, explosive ascent. Keep abs tight.


Friday 2/12/16

5:00 Run, Row, or Airdyne 3 Sets @ Easy Pace: 30 Single Unders + 5 Double Unders 5 Muscle Snatch, 45#/35# EMOM for 10:00 alternating: a) 3-5 Power Snatch, Start w/ Barbell, Add 10#/set until 75#/55# b) 10 Single Unders + 10-15 Double Unders 2 sets: :10 Sprint on Rower or Airdyne Rest until heart rate returns to normal AMRAP in 10:00 of: 30 Double Unders 15 Power Snatch, 75#/55# Notes: We will run classes in heats with judges

Row 3x1000m Work:Rest 1:2 Notes: Push the pace hard.

Saturday 2/13/16

14:00 EMOM

ODD) 8 Single Leg RDL (4 each leg w/ KB)

EVEN) 5 V-Ups or Tuck Ups + 10 Hollow Rocks

30- 20-10

Wall Balls

SDHP 95/65