CFFE | 2016 Fargo Marathon Training

2016 Fargo Marathon Training

CrossFit Fargo Runners Unite! Sunday, January 17th at 4:30PM there will be a meeting to cover CrossFit Fargo’s Endurance plan for 2016 Fargo Marathon Training.

The training program will be 18 weeks beginning January 17th and lasting until 2016 Fargo Marathon weekend scheduled for May 19th-21st. Training will be completed like a running club (or like ACP programming). Programming will be posted weekly for those interested to meet and practice together. There will not be a coach present at weekly running sessions. Coach Katie can be contacted ( with any questions.

Our meeting Sunday will be brief. We will cover the following information and sample week.

CrossFit’s Endurance programming is going to challenge your expectations of what it looks like to train as an endurance athlete. Our efficiency and perseverance as runners is going to come from CrossFit’s strength based programming. Following this design we are decreasing the likely hood of an injury and increasing proficiency as a cross trained athlete as opposed to being sport specific. Technique is prioritized before intensity and intensity before volume. What this looks like for us as CrossFitters is form before speed and speed/proficiency before weight. What it will look like for us as runners is going to be similar with running form before speed/intensity and intensity before distance. It is important to be intentional about having good technique and paying attention to the prescribed (Rx) intensity and volume. We will build our endurance on top of our CrossFit foundation. You should be participating in 4 to 6 CrossFit Fargo WODs a week. There will be three running WODs programmed per week; one short interval day, one longer interval day, and one longer distance run per week. Running WODs are a different type of work from our CrossFit WODs and can be considered rest from each other. You can choose to do them on different days or the same days depending on how that works best for your body and your lifestyle. If you are going to complete both WODs on the same day it is preferred to wait 3 hours in between so as to perform both WODs at the desired level of intensity.

For more information on CrossFit Endurance, view What is CFE?

Sample Week: Total amount of time from start of Warm Up to end of WOD should be approximately an hour. On shorter running days more time should be used for Warm Up, on longer days not as much is necessary. Use any extra time after for mobility! If ample amounts of extra time work skills & drills (technique/form/pose running).

Week 1 (1/17):


Warm Up:

5:00 – 10:00 Skills & Drills: 5:00 – 10:00 Mobility: < 5:00 WOD: 6 X 200m (.125 M), 2:00 Rest


Warm Up: 5:00 – 10:00 Mobility: 5:00 WOD: 5 X 600m (.375 M), 3:00 Rest