Wednesday 1/20/16 - New Way to WOD.


M-1: Hang Power Clean + Power Jerk

(Build to Heavy)

M-2: 4 Rounds:

3:00 AMRAP

2 Muscle-Ups

4 Ring Dips*

12 Kettlebell Swings, 32kg/24kg

1:00 Rest

*The press out of the second muscle-up does not count as the first ring dip.

**Score continuously, i.e. begin each new cycle where you left the previous one.

i.e. If in cycle one you finished with 2 rounds + 1 muscle-up, start the second cycle with the second muscle-up of the third round.

MU → Bar MU → C2B

Ring Dips → Box Dips


F-1: Sumo Deadlift

15min to build to heavy set of 4 (no TNG)

F-2: 2x5min AMRAP

5 pull ups

7 push ups

9 box jumps

Rest 5min between

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