ACP Week of 12/28/15

Monday 12/28/15

1 RM Power Snatch 1 RM Power Clean


Tuesday 12/29/15

42-30-18 of: Wall Balls 20/14 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 75/55 Box Jumps 20” Push Press 75/55 Rowing Calories

30:00 of Mobility

Wednesday 12/30/15

Turkish Get Up

4 x 6 (Each Arm) AHAP

45-30-15 of:

Sit Ups

AB Mat Back Extensions

L-Sit Hold (Seconds)

Plank Hold (Seconds)

Crossfit Total = 1RM Back Squat + 1RM Strict Press + 1RM Deadlift (This will be Thursdays WOD for Main Classes.)

Friday 1/1/16


Bench Press

5x5 Working Sets

Start at 50% and Build

Satruday 1/2/16

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift w/ Barbell

5x8 Each Leg (Start at 30% of 1RM Deadlift, Build as needed)

2K Row Time Trial

EMOM for 10:00 of:

2 High Hang Power Snatches

3 Strict Weighted Chin Ups

Choose weights that are challenging but good reps can be done.


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