Get your Muscle Up (GYMU) by New Years!

Getting a ring muscle up is a huge milestone for Crossfitters, and rightfully so. The ring muscle up requires an athlete to possess strength, shouder stability, timing and certain bit of finess.

There is a better and more effective way to get a muscle up than just jumping up the the rings and trying over and over again,

Over the next 4 weeks, I will be posting a weekly muscle up development program to help you get your muscle up (GYMU)! Each week will have 3 days of drills, and I encourage you to do these drills when you are fresh if possible, Remember, practice should be GOOD and FOCUSED practice, not just going through the motions!

The program and its drills are designed to develop strength and technique for the muscle up (core, grip, hips, pull, tranisition, dip and press). This program was written by Tony Ronchi, a Lead Coach on the CrossFit Gymnastics Seminar staff. You will not attempt a muscle up until after completing the full 4 weeks.

And this 4-week program isn't just for those who don't have a muscle up yet. Those of you who can do muscle ups already can benefit from the strength work and drill as well!

Looking forward to an awesome final month of 2015 at CFF!


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