Celebrating a Year of PRs and SHOWING UP, THE BEST PARTY OF THE YEAR!

Showing up counts. Even if it's your worst lifting day, or your worst day of goatwork, showing up counts.

And if you didn't already realize this, we like to celebrate showing up! Each class, and each person, seems to have their own celebration style.

For one example, the 8:30am class likes to jam out full-throttle to Pitbull and Ke$ha and dance and cheer EIGHT-THIRTY WOOOOOO!!!! at the top of their lungs.

In every class at CFF, showing up is celebrated by all. Some celebrations are private, with an internal pat on the back and smile. Others are bar-slams with a NFL-endzone-worthy dance.

And then there are the PRs. Personal records are:

Deadlifting more than you did last time.

Running your first mile, or 3, without stopping to walk.

Doing your first pull up with the lighter band.

Trying your first legless rope climp.

Completing a WOD as RX for the first time, no matter what it was.

Doing ____ reps of ____ unbroken.

Walking on your hands better than last time. Or for the first time.

Getting out of your comfort zone and finally trying ____.

Food prepping for a whole week, and following it.

Going to your first CrossFit Class.

Doing a workout at home or on the road when you can't make it to the gym.

Feeling things "just click" when you finally hit that awesome clean or snatch.

Your first muscleup/handstand push up/pistol/pull up/C2B

Finally making the 100/200/300/400/500 club on ANYTHING AT ALL!!!!

They are all PRs.

Please join us for an evening to celebrate SHOWING UP and PRs in 2015!

We will have a fine evening of food and drink at Ushers in Moorhead on Saturday, January 16, 2016.

Tickets will be $30 for CrossFit Fargo members and their guests, and they will include dinner and drink tickets in the Ushers House fine dining room.

Please feel welcome to dress to impress!

The theme this year will again be black and white. Games and prizes will add to the fun and competitive delight of the evening.

Tickets can be reserved here. You will not need a physical ticket this year to get in, we will have yours at the door.

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