Wednesday 11/11/15 - "Three Wise Men"


In a war few Americans fought, the Wises would pay an awful price


More on their story here:

M:1 “Jeremy”

Jeremy (35)

The eldest Wise sibling, a CIA security contractor and a former Navy SEAL, was killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan at the agency’s base in December 2009.

AMRAP in 4:00 of: 5 Hang Squat Snatch (Elite = 185/125 lbs, RX = 135/95 lbs, Scaled = 95/65 lbs) 10 Burpees Over the Barbell Rest 2 minutes, and then…

M:2 “Ben”

Ben (34)

The second-eldest Wise sibling, a Green Beret medic, died in January 2012, leaving behind his wife, Traci, son, Luke, and stepchildren Ryan and Kailen.

AMRAP in 4:00 of: 10 Power Cleans (Elite = 185/125 lbs, RX = 135/95 lbs, Scaled = 95/65 lbs) 20 Pull-Ups

Rest 2 minutes, and then…

M:3 “Beau”

Beau, 30

After two deployments in Afghanistan, the youngest Wise sibling lives with his wife, Amber, at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor, about an hour away from his sister-in-law Traci.

AMRAP in 4:00 of: 15 Box Jump-Overs (Elite & RX = 24”/20”; Scaled – 24”/20” Step-Overs Allowed) 30 Wall Ball Shots (Elite & RX = 20/14 lbs; Scaled – 14/8 lbs)

VIRTUOSITY V:1 Warm Up V:2 Learn: CrossFit "Hero" WOD V:3 Review: Movements for the WOD V:4 Virtuosity version of the Three Wise Men "Jeremy" 4:00 AMRAP 5 Hang Power Snatch 10 Burpees over Bar Rest 2 minutes, and then…


4:00 AMRAP

10 Med Ball Cleans

10 Pull Ups

Rest 2 minutes, and then…


4:00 AMRAP

15 Box Jumps/Step Ups

15 Wall Ball Shots

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