Friday 10/30/15 - Time to Step Up

MAIN WOD W:1 4 Sets: 5 Clean Low Liftoffs 5 Clean High Liftoffs 5 Clean from Hip 5 Hang Clean 5 Clean Notes Start with empty bar. Add a little bit of weight each set.

M:1 Clean + Front Squat + Clean 1@80%, 1@85%, 1@90%, Build to a Heavy 1 of the Complex

M:2 30-20-10 for time: Barbell Step-Up 95#/65# Pullup Butterfly Sit-Up Pushup POP (Points of Performance) for Step-Up: -Three points of contact with foot: big toe, little toe, heel -Keep torso upright throughout ROM, do not use forward lean to cause momentum -Minimal involvement of rear leg to aid in ascent -Keep movement safely controlled on descent -Aim to use a height which brings the athletes hip below parallel if possible -Prescribe load which allows the above points of performance to be maintained

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