Friday 10/23/15 - Waterfall WOD

MAIN WOD M:1 Part 1 4 Sets of 8-10 Chest-to-Wall Shoulder Taps Notes: Aim is to keep only nose and toes in contact with wall throughout the entire set. Maintain strong hollow. Walk into and out of position. Part 2 6:00 Volume Accumulation: Candlestick Negatives: M:2 For Time in Teams of 3: Row for Calories 5-10-15-20-25-20-15-10-5 Notes: Each athlete rows the prescribed calories, alternating athletes. Example: Athlete A rows 5 calories. Athlete B rows 5 calories. Athlete C rows 5 calories. Athlete A rows 10 calories. Athlete B rows 10 calories. Athlete C rows 10 calories. Etc.

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