Tuesday 10/20/15 - Rings & Things

MAIN WOD M:1 Back Squat 6x3 @ 5RM + #5/#10 Note: If necessary decrease weight, complete reps. M:2 15-12-9-6-3 For Time: Ring Dips Box Jumps (24/20) Toes-to-Bar Rings Dips → Push Ups ​Toes to Bar → Knees to Triceps → Toes to Rig (on floor)

VIRTUOSITY V:1 Warm Up V:2 Learn

V:3 Review: Pull Ups, Dead Lifts, Sit Ups

V:4 10:00 AMRAP 5 Pulls Ups 10 Dead Lifts 15 Sit Ups ​200m Run

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