Marathon Prep in Addition to CF/Weight Training

The extra mile in training doesn’t always mean you need to go farther, but smarter. Read on to learn more about increased endurance capacity of runners through CrossFit and weight training.

When you run with extra weight, you run slower. Right? But what if the weight you are carrying is additional muscle to propel your speed through power. Allow this brief article to challenge your mind as a runner, in recognition that all of the training you think you need may be in excess. Repetitiveness of overtraining or using long runs as a means to train endurance can cause muscle fatigue, inability to recover, and lead to injury due to overuse.

Longer distance running will train muscular endurance more than cardiovascular. Muscular endurance is more efficiently trained by CrossFit Strength & Conditioning. To marathon prep in addition to CrossFit you should continue to establish your base fitness in the gym. Attendance of regular classes 4 – 6 days a week is recommended.

To begin building the aerobic capacity and cardiovascular fitness for longer distance races add three days of sport specific training per week. This should be three days of running, including shorter intervals, longer intervals and time trials of varying distances, performed at high intensity. (Constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity; sound familiar?)

For more information, skills, and drills visit

-Coach Katie, CrossFit Endurance Trainer

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