Personal Training

Gain the benefits of personal training through tailored exercise programs and nutrition guidance from a caring, proven fitness trainer. CrossFit Fargo offers individualized personal training to help you reach the next level in your health, fitness, and performance. Personalized exercise selection and one-on-one coaching allow our clients to dial in on specific goals and achieve new milestones in their training. Schedule a No Sweat Intro to get started on your personal training program. 


Michaela Swanston

Michaela focuses on helping clients lose weight, increase muscle tone, improve health markers, and increase energy levels through strength training and high intensity interval training. Michaela is also our certified Nutrition Coach and offers personalized nutrition coaching.

Bachelor's of Science in Nursing

Registered Nurse

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Nutrition Coaching


Jasmine Joy

Jasmine specializes in helping clients set and reach their performance and health goals. She specializes in improving genreal physical preparedness, individualized goals/programming, olympic weightlifting, and working with youth through our Youth Programs.

Elementary Education, BS

Special Education, MS

USAW L-1 Sports Performance Coach

Clinical Athlete Weightlifting Coach

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Adaptive and Inclusive Certified Trainer


Josh Vogsland

Josh specializes in helping clients improve general wellness, as well as specific athletic goals. Josh has experience as a collegiate track and cross country athlete, and also specializes in working with youth through our Youth Programs.

Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Science

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer